How to Fix Laptop Screen Scratches? by TopGadgetsTricks
The portable nature of laptops make them very useful, but also more susceptible to damage. Repairing the damage is often also costly because all the laptop components are integrated. The LCD screen of a laptop is particularly prone to scratches. Instead of paying to replace the scratched screen, you may be able to repair the damage, provided that it is not too severe, and save your business some money. When attempting the repairs, take the proper precautions to avoid doing even more damage.


  1. STEP 1
    Place toothpaste on finger
    Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto your fingertip.
  2. Use paste – not gel.
  3. STEP 2
    Rub toothpaste on scratches
    Rub the toothpaste over the scratch in a circular motion for a few seconds.
  4. STEP 3
    Wipe off area
    Wipe the treated area with a soft cloth.
  5. STEP 4
    Apply petroleum jelly
    Put petroleum jelly into the scratched area with a cotton ball.
  6. STEP 5
    Wipe clean
    Wipe the area clean with a lint-free cloth.


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